Furniture Commissions

We are able to source, design and refinish pieces to suit your exact requirements or perhaps you already own a piece of furniture that doesn’t work in your home or something you’d like bringing up to date. Or maybe you just can’t find the right piece to fit your interior. We can source items to match your specifications and work with you to develop the perfect, bespoke design.

Just send me some pictures of the piece to be renovated along with some for inspiration, the room it's going to be in or just a rough idea of the style you want to achieve. It could also be recreation of a previous piece you've seen from Little Sausage Home .

We can also discuss paint colours, finishes and designs which are best suited to your piece of furniture and style. Once we have assessed the condition of your furniture and requirements we will provide you with a quotation. When the quotation is accepted we move to the next phase and we begin looking for the right piece. This might take a little time but once we have found it we will ask for a 50% deposit before we start work.

Clients will be kept in communication throughout the whole project, with video and photo updates, design questions and material choices. We want you to enjoy the process!

A lot of people choose to deliver their furniture items to me in person, however if this is not possible nationwide shipping can be arranged. Please send a message with your postcode for an accurate courier quote.